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It all began in 2000 when Antonino Stassi inherited the first vineyard on the banks of the Belice river and began to cultivate his great passion for viticulture.

In the following years Antonino was able to expand that precious piece of his inheritance by purchasing other hectares of land in order to expand and create variety in his products.

A reality made possible with the great support of his wife Maria who, with an eye to the future, showed him the shape of this world, encouraging and accompanying him in this journey, helping to make decisions and  choices that made this company come to life.

Initially the best way to cover the expenses and move forward was to sell our grapes to the big wineries, an old-fashioned business created to be useful to the community.

We have taken care of, and still do, our vineyards and our crops, giving them everything they need, including the attention and respect they deserve. For this reason, a drastic “restructuring” of the vineyards has been carried out: we went from free cordon pruning to Guyot.

It allows us to modify and improve the growth of the plant and its fruits. It is a system that is applied to vineyards that produce wine grapes for commercial purposes which is the most suitable for obtaining quality grapes.

Thanks to Guyot pruning, in 2008 we founded the Stassi company with the first wine bottling test: small quantities of grapes and great quality of wine.

This is one of our characteristics that distinguishes and allows us to be competitive not in quantity but in quality.

Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes
your hopes shine to the stars

There is no more appropriate sentence than this in order to describe and summarise the evolutionary steps that led our company to have the “ORGANIC” certification in 2020 after being subjected to a series of periodic checks: result obtained from the use of a Biodynamic agriculture in total respect for nature with the sole use of insecticides, biological fungicides and substances of plant and animal origin.

Through the generational change, the Stassi family has recognized and endorsed the history of Sicilian wine which, from being something that wasn’t quite as well-known as other wine regions, has risen through to be renowned around the globe.

We not only produce quality wine but also extra virgin olive oil.

What particularly characterizes our family business is that we do not use machinery for harvesting the fruits but we respect each plant by harvesting by hand thus giving greater value to our products, thanks above all to the workforce and the union of our family: not randomly our motto is:

"Behind each bottle there is constant hard work, but above all a great passion"

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