Our adventure

Our personal need to create and transfer the qualities of the native grapes, and the characteristics of our territory meant that in 2008 this adventure came to life and with it our most loved product with its variants: Stassi’s wines

Guided by the passion for viticulture, we were inspired by the “peasant knowledge” attached with their traditions, all in total respect of the ancient values and safeguarding everything precious that has been given to us from the past, but with a contemporary reinterpretation in such a way to perfect it more and more.

The high peculiarity of Stassi wines is nothing more than the amazing result of the care and dedication from which the company covers the entire production cycle: from fertilisation to pruning, from vegetative control of the vines to the search for low yields per hectare, and from the choice of the most suitable period for the harvest to the careful phase of vinification, ageing and bottling.


Our plan is for our products to entice you with their charm, eager to consume and want for more, but not only that – our deep love of creating quality organic products, balanced with a youthful touch: like a sensory journey, and to experience something distinctive and exclusive.

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