We support the historical path of Sicilian wine

We do not use machinery for fruit harvesting, we respect each plant by making the harvest by hand, thus giving greater care to our products.


Behind each bottle of wine there is constant hard work, but above all there is a great passion.

Stassi family business has always supported and elevated the historical path of Sicilian wine into what it represents today, which from being a provincial product, has become a national brand of excellence known and appreciated all over the world.

Our mission is to make products of the highest quality, products that express the aromas and fragrances that Sicily has to offer. With its unique plants and fruits, we aim to transport consumers metaphorically to this magical land with the stimulation of the senses.

Our Products

Our mission is to make quality products that express the aroma and fragrances of Sicily with its plants and fruits.


In addition to quality wine, we also produce extra virgin olive oil.

Again, we maintain respect for each tree harvesting the olives by hand, taking care to inspect, treat and choose only the finest produce.



The passion and work going into each individual bottle of wine and olive oil is second to none.


BIO Certification

We guarantee the conformity of the productions obtained with the organic method.



An experience that deserves to be lived in all its flavor.

10 %

of the profit will be donated to research (ffc) through the

Sun Flower Project

The collection will be made through the sale of our items on our site: for each bottle purchased, approximately 10% of the profit will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation – Onlus.

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