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Where Nocellara del Belice is born

Imagine a place, a fertile land near the sea, kissed by the sun, pampered by the sweetness and generosity of its warm rays that recall the beauty of life in its presence.

Too poetic to be real? What if I told you this place really exists? It is precisely in that strip of land that the Nocellara del Belice is born, located in the province of Trapani, a few kilometers from the sea, more precisely where the Temples of Selinunte have protected it for more than 2,700 years.

What is Nocellara del Belice

It is a particularly large and tasty type of olive that is produced only in the Belice Valley, in the province of Trapani.

It has a dual purpose, a fundamental characteristic for obtaining an excellent table olive from which an extraordinary extra virgin olive oil is obtained, and therefore produced.

It is one of the oils with more polyphenols, and the harvest of its olives starting from the end of September ensures that the oil obtained has its interesting fragrance. It is particularly intense, full-bodied, fruity flavor with hints of tomato, almond and artichoke.

A simple and unique oil at the same time, ideal for the preparation of roasts, for the dressing of both raw and cooked side dishes and more.

It is the only product in Europe to have two PDO trademarks for the same variety: “Valle del Belice” and “Nocellara del Belice”

The high quality of our oil is guaranteed by the precautions we follow with precision:

Beneficial properties of our extra virgin olive oil :

Our oil is perfect for

Those who want to taste an oil with a marked taste and high beneficial properties aimed at their well-being.

Those who want a natural product grown with only organic fertilizers and without chemical / systemic pesticides.

Those looking for an extra virgin olive oil with unique and exclusive characteristics linked above all to the peculiarities of the territory.

Those looking for a non-commercial oil with a limited production derived from traditional processing and NON-intensive cultivation.

Those who want to be more than sure to take a quality product, whose history they know and trust in the hands of those who created it.

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