01. In the glass

It is well known that everything that is absorbed by the soil, and consequently by plants, can be found on our plates or in our glasses and the same goes, of course, for the grape vines.

This is so important to us. It is for this reason that our commitment is put at the highest levels in order to guarantee the health of the earth, the people who work the lands and of those who drink our wine.

To prove this in fact, there is research from which it emerged that within our wines we find over 50% more antioxidants than conventional wines. This is the quality of wine we produce.

02. In the cellar

The EU specification, which we follow meticulously, prohibits the use of many usual oenological products, in particular it says that the amount of added sulphites must be limited. We take very seriously.

In doing this, we better ourselves in comparison to other vineyards in the market. The amount of sulphites we add is even below 40% of the limit established by the EU for organic wines.

Furthermore, we do not use clarifiers of animal origin or even allergens such as casein and albumin, which is why our wines can also be drunk by those who follow a particular diet such as, the vegan diet.

03. In the vineyards

We can proudly say that Stassi wines, our wines, are entirely produced from grapes grown with the utmost respect for nature.

Specifically, in our vineyards we do not use herbicides and chemicals, and in doing so we recover traditional agriculture but with more modern techniques. In fact, the minimal impact of our work preserves, in its small way, the environmental balance without stressing the soil and plants.

Ours is a commitment that we have decided to make from the beginning, because we believe in what we do, we believe in taking care of the environment and the people with it by producing wine in respect of nature. It is an act of love for the land, a promise kept to all of us and to future generations.

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